What is Rovo Business?

Rovo Business is the free all-in-one software that gives sports facility owners the ability to accept bookings from their customers online and manage all other aspects of their business.

Why should I use Rovo Business?

Rovo Business takes away most of the admin work for you as a business owner and saves your customers time.

Is Rovo Buisness actually free?

Yes. Rovo Business is free for you to use. You get most of Rovo's functions within the free version of the platform. The only time we charge a 3% fee is if players book through our platform which is standard.

How else can Rovo support my Business?

Rovo also has a suite of free features that allow any individual or business to build their own sports community. You can also offer your customers free access to the Rovo app to find other partners and activities.

Can I run promotions to your Rovo players?

Yes. You can email us friends@rovo.co to find out more about running localised promotions and costs.

How can I ensure my customer's data will be safe?

We are committed to providing safe & secure data protection & privacy. When you sign up with us as a business, we have a specific agreement in place in our terms of service which prohibits us from selling or disclosing your data with third party sites or competitors.

What are the marketing benefits of Rovo Business?

With Rovo Business you can run specialised local campaigns to target players in your area for specifed sports.

How can I keep track of my finances?

To keep track of all finances you can simply log onto your management space. Alternately we send weekly finance reports.

How soon will the money in my account be sent to me?

You can configure payouts to your account to be done, manually, weekly or monthly. Once a payout is initiated it will hit your bank account in 2-5 business days.

Will I receive technical support should I need it?

Yes. Our team are available to answer any technical or non-technical queries via support@rovo.co

How long will it take to get my account up and running?

After submitting your details we will get your account up and running within 2-3 working days. A member of our team will contact you once your Rovo Business account is ready.

Will there be any downtime or issues switching over to Rovo Business?

No. We've helped numerous businesses in migrating over to Rovo Business effortlessly and with no downtime to your operations whatsoever.

How do I contact Rovo Business?

You can send an email to support@rovo.co. Alternatively you can reach out to us via social media: Twitter: @Rovo_Business Facebook: @RovoBusiness